Community Life

"The aim of this Wronged One in sustaining woes and tribulations, in revealing the Holy Verses and in demonstrating proofs hath been naught but to quench the flame of hate and enmity, that the horizon of the hearts of men may be illumined with the light of concord and attain real peace and tranquility. "

- Bahá’u’lláh

Junior Youth Empowerment

To engage junior youth and empower their ability to assist others so that a community can flourish.

Youth have played a vital role in Bahá’í history. The Báb Himself declared His mission when He was twenty-five years old and so many among His followers were in the prime of their youth when they embraced His Revelation.

Following in the path that these and other extraordinary figures had opened, thousands of young Bahá’ís have arisen in each generation to respond to the call of Bahá’u’lláh.

Young Bahá’ís are encouraged to draw on the zeal and enthusiasm characteristic of the period of youth and so make decisive contributions to the advancement of spiritual and material civilization.

Junior Youth in Newmarket have participated in food drives for the Newmarket Food Bank, have helped to serve meals at Inn From the Cold, have collected clothing for the homeless and participated in tree planting and other clean-up events in York Region to name a few