The Baha’is of Newmarket

"The purpose of religion as revealed from the heaven of God’s holy Will is to establish unity and concord amongst the peoples of the world; make it not the cause of dissension and strife."

- Bahá’u’lláh

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South American Bahá'í Temple, Santiago, Chile

(Completed 2016)

The very first Baha’i Temple, Ashkhabad (‘Ishqábád), Turkmenistan, 1906-1919

(no longer exists)

North American Baha’i Temple, Wilmette, Illinois, USA

(completed 1953)

File:Baha'i House of Worship, Kampala, Uganda.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

African Bahá'í Temple, Kampala, Uganda

(Completed 1961)

Australasian Baha’i Temple, Sydney, Australia

(Completed 1961)

European Bahá'í Temple, Hofheim, Germany

(Completed 1964)

Central American Bahá'í Temple, Panama City, Panama

(Completed 1972)

South Pacific Baha’i Temple, Tiapapata, Samoa

(Completed 1984)

Asian Baha’i 'Lotus' Temple, New Delhi, India

(Completed 1986)